What kind of music can I sell?

You can sell beats, hooks,Afro sample packs, EP’s and you can also sell production track licenses for beats, beats with choruses, vocals, and full top lines.

Do I have to sell my music? Can I just host it for stream?

You do not have to sell music on AfroWav. You can simply upload your music just for hosting purposes and stream it worldwide across all devices.

Can I give away music for free?

Absolutely, you can allow unlimited free downloads for any music you specify.

How do I get paid from my music sales?

When someone purchases your music on the customer is directed to make the transaction via your personal or business PayPal account. Once the transaction is processed the funds show up immediately in your PayPal account.

Does AfroWav take a percentage of my music sales?

Pro and Unlimited members keep 100% of all their music sales. Free members keep 70%

Do I have to commit to a long-term membership?

No, you can change your membership or cancel at any time.

Can I upload my large track stems?

Yes, you can upload your track stems in a compressed ZIP file.

Do you give me information on who purchased or downloaded my music?

Yes, Pro and Unlimited members have record of all customer email addresses from purchases and downloads in their My Media reports dashboard.